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CC Pack & Ship furnishes quality services to clients by providing them with the professional care they deserve. We are based in Beartooth Mountains of Tax Free Montana just 45 minutes south of Billings. Get in touch today to learn more about our Shipping Services and Prices.

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Since our founding, CC Pack & Ship has been known for quality service, exceptional efficiency and the highest level of professionalism. No matter what service you request, we strive to not only meet, but exceed your expectations and ensure your full satisfaction.

Our team is up for every job, managing projects with the skill and experience our clients have come to expect. Please get in touch to learn more about our team, our company or for details about the services we provide.

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Packaging Factory

Fulfillment and Distribution

From receiving and packing individual FBM orders, to prepping and shipping FBA orders to Amazon’s fulfillment center, we ensure that your packages arrive on-time using cost-effective solutions.

CC Pack & Ship manages your fulfillment and distribution operations from start to finish. From sorting and bundling received packages and shipments, to labeling using appropriate product labels or box labels for particular orders, including FNSKU, ASIN, and UPCs, to repacking using plastic shrink wrap, bubble wrap, poly bags or boxing, to removal from Amazon and being tracked throughout the delivery process, we have streamlined our process to ensure our customers receive premium value and service at a cost-effective price

Delivery Van

Tracking Shipments

CC Pack & Ship is committed to getting the job done. You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient and make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way through open communications.



At this critical step, both visual and technical inspections can be performed to ensure the final customer receives the product as it should be. Inspections can be completed on products that arrive from manufacturers, are returned from customers or returned from Amazon. Acceptance Test Procedure (ATP) and reports through our online Acceptance Test Results (ATR) systems ensure a seamless inspection process that is accurate and reliable at the In-coming, In-process and final inspection stages.



Pricing is for units handled in a single month  

$ 1.00                    1- 1000

     .90                    1001-4000

     .70                    4001-8000

     .50                    8001-10,000

     .40                    10,000   +

Cost per unit includes;

* Receiving

* Inspection

* Item Pictures- if damaged

* Label removal 

* Labeling (FNSKU, Fragile, Suffocation Warning, Single Unit, Do Not Open with Blade)

* Specialty Labels will be base on price of label with uplift

Returns:   $0.25 per item

Receiving, inspection, pictures and recommendation

New Shipping Box Prices;

  Medium      18x18x16     $2.00

  Large         18x18x24     $2.75

  Large         24x18x24     $3.00

* No charge for using recycled boxes or the box that the items arrive in.

 Poly bags:

 $ . 20                               $1.00

   3" x 6 "

   4" x 4 "                        20" x 24 "

   6" x 6 "

   6" x 9"

   6" x 14"

   8 "x 10"

   9" x 12 "

FRAGILE ITEMS; glass, ceramic etc.

Small box- Shoe boxes

 *  $ 1.75

Bubble wrap

* $1.00

Bubble bags

*$.50 each


$0.50 / bundle up to 5 items;

$0.10 / item after 5

***Additional fees include;

      bag and/or box fee

Bulk Bundle

$0.20 / bundle

**1000 items or more (to be bundled) are considered bulk

Rubber Bands-   $0.05ea

Re-bag-Open. Remove labels and close bag-   $0.05

Padded Book Envelope-  $0.90ea

Monthly storage for invoices from shipments $0.15 Per invoice after 30 days *

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